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A Healthy Smile


Take Care of Your Teeth

Teeth are one of the things your body cannot regenerate. Healthy gums are improtant to good health. Keep teeth healthy for a lifetime by starting early. Download Flyer here.

Snack Smart

  • Sugary foods and drinks may taste good, but they fuel the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Sticky foods including candy, fruit snacks, and granola bars also promote cavities.
  • Choose fruits and veggies that have lots of water like watermelon, pear, cucumber, celery.

Rethink Your Drink

  • Many drinks, such as energy and sports drinks, soda and juice damage teeth.

Ways to Beat Tooth Erosion

  • Strengthen your teeth and bones with milk and other dairy products high in calcium and Vitamin D
  • If you do have a soda or sugary drink, use a straw to draw the damaging liquid away from your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth if you do eat sugary and sticky foods.

Make Your Breath & Smile Sparkle

  • Brush and floss daily with fluoride toothpaste. Your smile will thank you!
  • Clean between your teeth every day with floss or another type of between-the-teeth cleaner.
  • Talk to your dentist or pediatrician about how fluoride helps prevent dental cavities.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.