Hawai‘i 5210 Let's Go!


Double-sided, single-fold colorful Hawaii 5210 Brochures

Five Fruits, Roots, & Vegetables

Encourage your family to eat more fruits and vegetables by serving them more. Kids who are served more fruits and veggies and see other family members eating more fruits and veggies, will eat more.

Two Hours of Screentime

Kids who spend a lot of time on screen time activities are more likely to have health problems. Encourage your family to sit less and move more.

One Hour of Physical Activity

Kids need about an hour or more of physical activity every day to help them stay healthy. Physical activity helps decrease stress, improve sleep, and increase energy. It makes bones and muscles stronger and helps kids feel good about themselves.

Zero Sugar-sweetened Beverages

Try to avoid sugar-sweetened drinks. Buy, serve and drink water and low fat milk instead. Low fat milk is nutritious and helps kids build strong teeth and bones. Water is the best drink when you’re thirsty.

Rethink your drink!

Water is the best choice during and after physical activity. Save sports drinks for long periods of high intensity activity. Hawaii is blessed with water that is among the best in the world. Turn on the tap and drink more water.