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Links for Families

Holoholo General Store

The Holoholo General Store is a mobile marketplace offering fresh produce and items coming from local farms and artisans. They strive to make healthy living convenient, accessible, and fun in a way that is distinctly local and fueled by aloha & passion. Holoholo General Store promotes healthy living for the people of Hawaii while supporting the local community and environment. Use them for your school, your business, or for a "healthy" fundraiser!

Holoholo General Store delivers pre-order bags of produce while giving back 10% of the proceeds to participating schools. Included with each order are recipes that utilize produce from the bag. As an example, the small bags in a recent order included mixed lettuce, cauliflower, beets, avocado, long beans, red potatoes, crimini mushrooms, maui sweet onion, pineapple, fresh dill, zucchini, lemon, and papaya. There are also options to purchase local, cage free eggs, as well as locally made bread.

Leanwashing Index.com - Help Keep Advertising Honest

We’re all aware of the power of advertising and how it can be used for good and for not so good. Leanwashing.com is a new site where advertising purporting misleading, false, and exaggerated health claims regarding obesity can be posted for public scrutiny and comment. Post adds that you think are misleading, and especially those that appear to intentionally target and mislead our children!

Learning to Grow

  • Getting Ready for Kindgergarten Book
  • We All Make Mistakes
  • Raising a School-Ready Child
  • Choosing Child Care Booklet
  • Choosing Child Care Brochure
  • Learning to Grow Developmental Guidelines and Early Learning Activities for Infants and Toddlers
  • Learning to Grow Developmental Guidelines and Early Learning Activities for Young Preschoolers

Farmer’s Markets in Hawaii
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Buy the freshest ingredients, learn new ideas, support Hawaii’s farmers and have fun with the family at a farmer’s market. They’re popping up all over the Islands.

Hawaii Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition (NPAC) and Community Advocacy 
Interested in helping to make changes in your community and supporting policies that will make healthy choices the easiest choices? Let Your Voice Be Heard! Join the Hawaii NPAC or the NPAC on Maui, Kauai and the Big Island

Live Aloha in Your Neighborhood
We live in the "Aloha State," but many of us barely know the people who live next door. Live Aloha in Your Neighborhood is an opportunity to connect, or reconnect with the people who live around us, in the spirit of aloha, to build neighborhoods that are more compassionate, self-reliant, and sustainable. Learn more about Kanu Hawaii and their campaign to support stronger communities in Hawaii.