Hawai‘i 5210 Let's Go!

One - Hour of Physical Activity


Kids need about an hour or more of physical activity every day to help them stay healthy. Physical activity helps decrease stress, improve sleep, and increase energy. It makes bones and muscles stronger and helps kids feel good about themselves.

Tips to get started

  • Make physical activity fun! Never force a child to be physically active or make fun of children who aren't active.
  • Encourage your kids to do activities they love most.
  • Start by making small changes that will stick.
  • Fitness for the whole family. Be a role model and move with your kids.
    • Walk or bike with the kids to school a few times a week
    • Park in the farthest parking space
    • Take the stairs
    • Train with your family for a community walking or running event. Check out the Running Room's calendar of local events 
  • Get outside and explore with the whole family.
    • Go to a park
    • Stop at the beach and find some treasures
    • Go on a walk or hike around your community
    • Walk to the store
    • Step outside and explore. Learn more through these links
  • Busy schedule? Do shorter bouts of activity through the day until they add up to about 60 minutes.
  • Try a video game that helps burns calories like Dance Dance Revolution or Kinect. It's all about movement and fun.