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A Healthy Smile

Teeth are one of the things your body cannot regenerate. Healthy gums are improtant to good health. Keep teeth healthy for a lifetime by starting early. Learn More

Zero Sugary Drinks

Sweetened drinks such as soda, fruit drinks and fruit punch, sweetened ice tea, sports drinks, and energy drinks contain a lot of added sugar. Learn more Learn More


The fact sheet gives an overview of the 5210 behaviors associated with healthy weight in children. It can be used as a framework to discuss healthy lifestyles and help parents and kids chose a goal that they might be interested in working on. We encourage small steps and not a lifestyle overhaul. Learn More

Posters - Other Languages

Find our Hawaii 5210 Poster and BMI Index Fact Sheet in the following languages: Illocano, Korean, Vietnamese, Samoan, Chuukese, and Marshallese. Learn More

More Resources

These resources are not specific to Hawaii 5210, however, they do relate to the realms of Health and Fitness, to include the livelihood of our youth. Learn More