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School Newsletter Healthy Habit Statements and Health Tips

Newsletter Healthy Statements

  • Discover many School Newsletter suggesstions to include: water, snacks, and sleep.

Click the following to download: Newsletter Healthy Statements word document or Newsletter Healthy Statements pdf.

Healthy Habit Statements

  • Learn several creative Healthy Habit Statements set on establishing the focus on maintaining proper health by eating right and staying active.

Click the following to download: Healthy Habit Statements word document or Healthy Habit statements pdf document.

Help Protect Your Children from Heat Illness

  • Teach your children to always drink plenty of fluids before and during activity in hot, sunny weather – even if they're not thirsty.

  • Make sure kids wear light-colored clothing and use sunscreen when outdoors.

  • Teach kids to come indoors, rest and hydrate immediately whenever they feel overheated.

Click the following to download: Beat the Heat and Sun word document or Beat the Heat and Sun pdf document.