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Water is the Best

Posted:July 09, 2020

Categories:Nutrition, Water, Wellness

Water is the Best

-Be a role model – drink water throughout the day.


-Serve water or low fat milk at meals. If it’s around, they will drink it.


-Give everyone a water bottle and refill it often.


-Avoid sweetened drinks around the house. If it’s around, they will drink it.


-Water is the best choice during and after physical activity.

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Drink Water

Posted:July 01, 2020

Categories:Family, Healthcare, Rethink your Drink, Schools, Water, Wellness

Drink Water
Drink Water.
- Kids like to drink something with meals and should definitely drink water when they are thirsty.
- When it's warm out or you're exercising, you'll need more fluids.
- Be sure to drink some extra water when you're out in warm weather, especially while playing sports or exercising.

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