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Hāna Ulu Pono Project to Help Fight Heart Disease in Hāna


Posted:February 28, 2013

Categories:Featured, Healthcare, Program

In a recent article on Mauinow.com, Wendy Osher reports on the current health initiative underway in Hāna. The health initiative is called the Hāna Ulu Pono Project and it is funded by a the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA).

Starting September 1st, "heart disease and other health risks associated with a lack of physical activity and proper nutrition are the main targets..." reports Osher.

This initiative is a one-year effort that will benefit a large number of native Hawaiians through practices that encourage exercise and weight control.

This project is just one of many that OHA has funded as part of their larger $2.4 million grant program. OHA aims to reduce the obesity rate among Hawaiians in the state and Hāna is just one of the 22 outreach efforts ongoing across the state.

"Hāna Ulu Pono can diminish disease and restore health by using community-driven strategies that are anchored in native Hawaiian culture," said Noreen Mokuau, dean of the Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work at the University of Hawaii in a press statement.