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KP Healthy Chat: Pediatrician Pat Cantrell On Keeping Your Kids Healthy - Video

Posted:February 28, 2013

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Pediatrician Pat Cantell Talks about the "5210" program:


Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Chats is a monthly dialogue with physicians intended to foster dialogue about critical health topics.

Nearly a third of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Those youngsters are likely to become overweight or obese adults unless they change their eating habits and begin exercising. Additionally, being overweight or obese increases a child or teenager’s risk for a host of problems including asthma, diabetes, gallstones, heart disease, high blood pressure, liver problems and difficulty sleeping.

Patricia Cantrell is a pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. She works at the Vandever Medical Offices in San Diego. Dr. Cantrell obtained her medical degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine and completed her residency in pediatrics at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Cantrell joined the Permanente Medical Group in 1997.