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Nutrition Fact Label Changes Coming Soon!


Posted:May 25, 2016

Categories:Healthcare, Nutrition

Earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama announced the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) will require an update to the Nutrition Facts on packaged food and beverages.

Among the changes include information about the total amount of sugar in the product, and the daily value of sugar you should be cosuming.

The FDA will also require food retail chains to post calorie counts for their menu options in order to provide as much information ast possible to the consumers.

All of the information made available should help the consumers themselves make healthier decisions for themselves.

The following are 5 Reaseson to be excited for these changes, as written by Jasmine Hall Ratliff of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in the article "5 Reasons to Be Excited for the Changes Coming to Menus and Food Labels."

1. Nutrition information helps consumers make informed choices.

2. People want health context for the food they buy.

3. People who use nutrition information tend to purchase healthier items.

4. Businesses may start offering healthier items.

5. The new rules apply to a wide variety of places where people buy food.

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