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Over 3 Years Amsterdam Reduces Childhood Obesity Rate by 12%


Posted:April 05, 2018

Categories:Family, Featured, Healthy

In a recent article, "How Amsterdam is reducing child obesity," writer Dominc Hurst of BBC News outlines Amsterdam's tremendous undertaking in reducing childhood obesity.  The city has seen this dramatic reduction in their rate of overweight and obese children through the use of their healthy-weight programme.

The program fully integrates the use of school teachers, nurses, social workers, and community leaders so that all of their bases are covered. "We have managed to build a whole systems approach in Amsterdam," says Karen den Hertog, deputy programme manager.

"All are using the same message. We hear back from children that it's good they get the same message."

Schools in Amsterdam now test their student's weight, agility and balance in order to identify the overweight and obese students and get them the help they need.

This comes in the form of a package that includes free access to dietary advice, gym classes, and a volunteer whom makes home visits.

One of the health centre workers, Kristel de Lijster, explains " You really want to communicate the message on the level the parent and child understands."

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