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Resources on How Exercise Helps Learning in Children


Posted:February 28, 2013

Categories:Family, Featured

Larry Ferlazzo, a school teacher in Sacremento, CA, recently posted a list of resources and articles on hisblog linking the learning benefits from exercise, especially in children.

He contributes nearly a dozen sources that offer the benefits of exercise in learning:

How Exercise Fuels the Brain is from The New York Times.

How Exercise Jogs the Brain is from Scientific American.

Bikes, Balls in Class: How Phys Ed Transformed One School is from ABC News.

Exercise Helps Students in the Classroom is from NPR.

A Fit Body Means a Fit Mind is from Edutopia.

Phys Ed: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter? is from The New York Times.

Morning exercise to spark kids’ learning is from CBC News.

How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain seems quite interesting and useful.

New Study: Exercise Helps Learning & Memory

How Exercise Can Jog the Memory is a report on a recent study, and it was written up in The New York Times.