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Tips for Healthy Eating with your Children


Posted:February 23, 2017


Parents have a difficult job guiding their children in making healthier food choices. Parents are met with a constant battle against the advertisements on television and the influences from their children's peers. However, following these simple tips can level out the battlefield.

1. When your child resists the peas, or carrots, or broccoli - continue to expose them to different foods without force, and let them taste it and gather an opinion about the food.

2. When your child only wants their favorites - change it up, variety is key. Avoid the same preparation with familiar meals and cook vegetables in different ways for more appeal to your child. Don't give up.

3. Empower your children with a role in the shopping and cooking - this is a great teaching tool for them. Make it fun, let them help, and you will help foster a relationship between you and your children but a relationship between your children and the food they prepare and consume.

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This information is provided from Blue Cross Blue Shields of Tennesse story: "3 Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters at Every Age."